Review: Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

I am¬†was propped on a bed at my maternal grandfather’s place. I struck a lottery when I found for novels stowed away in a corner of a cupboard.

There’s Arthur Hailey & Sidney Sheldon apart from Mitch Albom. Unfortunately, the edges of the first fifty pages or so of Hailey’s first novel (guess which one?) have been munched away.

But that’s okay. I still have the others. I feel like hugging all these old books with their yellowing pages and cracking spines with all the strength in my arms. Books are such absurd things; they enchant despite shoddiness that time slaps from cover to cover.

Mitch Albom has a way with words.

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my English isn’t ornamental; yer lazy!

Lazy to use to a darned dictionary. Them things have moved online and with a few strokes and a click you can know, but NO.

So much work, it is soul crushing.

But just because the majority of written content on the internet happens to be comprised of conversational English (mostly), I refuse to boil my words and ladle them into your throats.

I’ve loved reading and loved even more the thrill of bumping into funny looking words I haven’t heard of; the most common word doesn’t have to be the right word.

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