It’s called a meme, it rhymes with cream!

The name of this blog springs from my love for memes!

And also because I ran out of effortlessly fancy-sounding blog names everyone seems to have. So while WordPress asked me not to freak out because there’s always a tomorrow, my female ego couldn’t take that fall. I saw the troll face and I thought, Hey, nothing better than telling people the most obvious things, right?

Captain Obvious yay!

Captain Obvious yay!

Thank you Captain Obvious!

WARNING: Copy-pasted from encyclopedias because a lot of people have ridiculously astute belief in their version of what a meme is. Oh yeah, and my feet got wings and they get their own teapots to school. Hrrmph.

You’re wrong. You’re just obviously wrong.

We’ve seen them in all forms, but they first came to notice, yours and mine, with the now-much-popular trollface that was first created by Whynne at deviantART.

How memes began is another story for another time.

They’re ideas – humorous, in-your-face, outrageous at times and aren’t afraid to tell you if you wet your pants, Derp. So it isn’t just the faces and the Derp-Derpina digs you see, they’re all around: videos(Top 20 Youtube and Video Memes right here!), phrases, words.

And here’s something I can bet you did not know:
memes have been around long before the Interwebs had its share of love.

And this is why I chose Le Blog to be my site’s moniker. Problem?

PS. You’ve been such a dear. Here, some memes for you.


Dusting Is Injurious To Your Health. Now Official.

 You heard that right.

We wonder how things could’ve come to such a neurotic pass: today, we deal with the need to obsessively vacuum our places of living in the name of cleanliness and crying, ‘Oh, it sits next to godliness.’

These superduper clean places lend an organised and hygienic, if you will, look to the whole scene, yes but ask yourself a question: is it ending anytime soon?

Gadgets and gadgets, meaningless ones are being invented endlessly to ‘help you accomplish daily tasks with aplomb.’ Really? Gee, thanks. I would’ve died had you not invented a foolish looking hands-free soap dispenser(Never touch a ‘germy’ soap pump again. Seriously?) because possibly, the previous person’s bacteria will cause to you to mutate and grow an extra arm.
on your back.

Oh HEY. Maybe you could have a gadget that wipes your dirty poo for you: Ma, look, no germies! And living in these superduper clean environments, you lose your immunity against the most common of microbes! Still cool with you?

Have we all forgotten the glorious days of Organised Mess? The seamless blend between an organisational structure familiar to you (sometimes, only you) and yet careless, carefree, like the Phoenix.

We’re over the edge when it comes to everything: yes, you got that right. Even wiping poo.

So here are your basic instructions: give your neurotic cleaning routine and poo-wiper a rest for a while. And soak in the awesomeness.

We All Go Through Changes.

Le Blog is changing too.

Faster than Kim Kardashian is changing husbands, faster than Dick Cheney, true to his name, shot a guy in his face (hell, he can at least swear in peace and go “IN your face!”), faster than Sarah Palin raps against Lady Gaga in the Epic Rap Battles, faster than Buzz Lightyear battling Zurg and faster than The Isano, at the risk of sounding grandiose, might I say, Le Blog is changing.