Of First Blogposts and Second Dates

Thing is, they’re both awkward.

When you think of  a blog, you jot down all these little lego blocks of awesomeness that bump onto your head. My list includes random awesome pictures, rambling on not-so-awesome days, stuff I feel strongly about (animal rights, possibility of a nuclear war, politics, general- and hopefully unbiased-observation of the human race: you get the scene), my attempts at building a line following robot and metal and anime (NOT Dragon Ball Z.)

Slap me with the task of beginning this cascade of super awesome stuff, chances are I might sit around on it till it is nice and warm and smooth. i was thinking about snow while writing that. I love snow. I’m told that’s fantastical considering I’ve never felt snow with my own two hands and some self-professed Snow Expert claims seeing it live from a distance doesn’t count. I love snow.

Second dates? well, well. We all know about how first dates are about impressions and the sexy deep-throated laughter you fake to pass off as ‘mysterious yet intriguing’. The second one involves serious contemplation over whether you can still afford to bray your lungs out. And try not to wonder why she’s dressed up like a cupcake. With polka-dotted shoes. That don’t match.(I like neither, SO.)

Eventually, it is plain awwwkward. Going back to watching Gossip Girls seems like an option again. Eventually, you’re unsure. It is like being asked to go shear a tiger. They’re pretty looking cats with soulful, majestic eyes and deep, deep down, you know it and i do: sheep were BORN for that sort of thing. Tigers? You’re unsure. (Unless there’s a date with Scarlett Johansson on offer.)

Particularly after the release of The Avengers, I do not know one guy who isn’t dying of the of excitement watching her play the Black Widow. Add to it the sexual cannibalism the species and the DC Universe character are known for, I guess it is hard not to.

And then I wonder how come my post ends with ScarJo without absolutely no mention of Woody Allen.

I love his glasses. Something’s wrong with you if you don’t.


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