Why I Don’t Eat Eggs

Call PETA!

This is plain sad. Courtesy: MucklerPhoto.com

… Because I’m not an oviraptorovi

But seriously, it’s easy to assume that no birds are abused when it comes to eggs, till you really know what goes on. Undignified, humiliating slaughter is what hens are put through so you can have another Adam and Eve on a raft. PETA Prime: Why I Don’t Eat Eggs.

Spread the word, and act. Else soon enough, our children would learn about animals and birds in their history books.

BLOGGER’S NOTE: Instead of giving up on eggs entirely in support of preventing the abuse animals and birds are put through to deal with the increasing needs of our ever-so-burgeoning population, you can always have a hen in your own backyard. To get started, click here.

A big thank you and a cookie to our friend, Rumpy Dog! 😀


2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Eat Eggs

  1. With many people getting into the backyard chicken game, there are now plenty of options for finding eggs that are laid in humane conditions. So even those that choose to continue to eat eggs can do so without inflicting misery on animals.

  2. Rumpy, that is an awesome idea! Thank you for pointing that one out.
    It is incredibly saddening to see animals suffer because of the progressively commerce-minded approach towards catering to growing human needs. We, quite often, fail to see the bigger picture.
    You’re into eggs?

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