It Is SO Totally 2000 and 2

How often do you call things mammoth? Did you know it is out of fashion?


It’s true.

The woolly elephant-ish ancestor has had quite a run in the written word, being summoned every time the magnanimity of a certain thing had to be explained to the simpler masses. It is out of fashion. It is 2000 and 2.

I suggest a mammoth shift in perception and the Diego be granted the coveted position. Of running around. In the written world. Check out my post here and skim through to find the mention of ‘… saber-toothed knowledge’. You’ll see where the trend is going.

Saber-toothed cats are all set to be The New Age Mammoths, baby.

The Next Recipient?

In corroboration to my claims over Diego’s much-awaited glory, here’s him in in tip-toe mood. In his immortal words, ‘My paws are burnin‘ baby, they BURNING!’

So now you know, it won’t be such a saber-toothed task to express yourself. And guess what?

It ain’t 2002. Yet. Booyah!


What do you think?

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