R. E. S. P. E. C. T.

Oh hai. Serious stuff. I’m thinky about this, you better be too. Thinky and serious, that is.

All forms of life deserve as much respect be paid to them as human beings.

But then again, we live in a funny world. Nothing justifies stripping another being of its dignity and more importantly, its skin. The act of skinning animals alive is demeaning, inhuman and calls to be abhorred.

The extent to which we’re willing to milk nature for OUR benefit is horrifying.

Milk is known to ‘help your body and improve your health’. If you’re like most people, chances are veganism is some sort of freakish cult to you.

Got Milk?

Been drinking milk for a while now, yes? Well, it’s thinky time. 

Barbaric methods are employed to dehorn cattle, they’re branded and tails docked- all without anaesthesia. Newborn calves are mercilessly separated from their mothers. The gestation period for a cow is nine months: the same as for humans.

Yet, instances of babies being snatched for natal care after birth elicit a range of emotions, a glass of milk doesn’t.

That glass of milk you drink—it was snatched from the mouths of young calves, to serve you in packets and earn obscene profits out of someone else’s suffering; blood-stained?

Dairy animals can produce milk only after pregnancy, so they’re forced to undergo artificial insemination and fed a cocktail of drugs and hormones to prolong their period of lactation. More often than not, as a result of repetitive pregnancies, cows suffer vaginal bleeding and injuries. This leads to pus being formed and immense unbearable pain these creatures cannot convey.

The Meatrix on a Mission

All this, to meet the daily demand for milk all year round which has been shooting through the roof.

You don’t think twice before you drink that glass of milk… and maybe you’ll write this post off as radical, but do yourself a favor and try being true to the human nature you possess and spare a thought for the creatures being harmed to ensure gratification on your end.

Can you still drink that glass of milk? I’m still dealing with the aftermath of merely knowing all of this.

What do you think would be the best way to deal with this? Do you consider veganism as an  option? A viable one? I’d love to hear.

PS. Here’s some more for your appetite: The Dairy Industry


2 thoughts on “R. E. S. P. E. C. T.

  1. My son works for the dairy farmer next door and my husband was a dairy farmer but over here it is all humane and the cows are very happy. It is disturbing to hear about such cruel practices – I had no idea.

    • Rearing dairy animals and poultry locally and its advantages is something people are now becoming aware of and let’s hope it continues…
      I hope the commoditization of milk and the commercialisation that totters along becomes more humane.
      I’m glad that the dairy farmer next door really takes care of his cattle 🙂

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