Behold… Flying Werepigs!

According to Stupid Laws on the interwebs, some nation someplace on the globe called Denmark advises its citizens to not eat raw bacon on a full moon night.

Our lovely lady Andrea shares with us our thoughts here.

For lack of anything better to do, this led me to try and comprehend the reason why raw bacon could spell doom on a full moon night.


  • Werewolves have romanced full moon nights as far back as my memory goes; also, the Hindi film industry has milked the idea dead.
  • Eating raw bacon on full moon nights is forbidden.

I KNOW! Eating raw bacon on a full moon night does things to the pig,

Here’s what it really looks like. Danes testify.

like it turning into a werepig and it flying off into the rainbow, the midnightly blue yonder its home.

*Ludovico Einaudi plays*

Or maybe i got the rainbow wrong.

Gregory Hall is zany awesomeness and even talks about werepigs here!

PS. While we’re at it, check out Jordan Krall on The Funky Werepig at Jeff’s.

PPS. Cripple Wolf!


2 thoughts on “Behold… Flying Werepigs!

  1. I once worked in a respite place where one of the guys only wanted his bacon raw, not cooked. Come to think of it, he did look a bit werewolfish – hahahaha!

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