Pushing Failures Under The Carpet Is A Lot Of Stink

When you’re looking to bag someone’s attention or move on to the ‘next level’ of things, it is a natural tendency to highlight your abilities and successes. Failures?

Shush, Disciple. You don’t say the f-word. Not now.

What makes us human are our hits and misses. At this point, I’d like to admit my first pancake was a disaster. I pretended it was flat and round and hogged it.

Again, trying to hide fail attempts at something is also human. But have you ever stopped to think of otherwise? What if you weren’t as Saddamesque about it all?

Sure, there’s judgement and the boo-ers and people-who-spit-on-your-shirt-and-laugh a le Superbad, but for all that matters, people will come around to appreciate you for who you stand to be now.

Talking about your journey to a certain stop is a little like storytelling. A lot, actually. You share the story of how you took on things with a specific idea in mind and in retrospect, what led you to failure. A big brown cookie for learning from your mistakes. So when you touch upon your successes, you can draw a parallel or many and make your story whole, the story of your success.

I’m talking in generic terms over here, but your failure and success routine doesn’t have to be an in-your-face rags to riches story. It could be something as simple as setting up your own lemonade stall on weekends, gathering readership for a college newspaper you’ve been working on for aeons, writing a story, learning how to drive or even starting a business from home after embracing motherhood (or fatherhood, to be fair).

The key point is learning and growing, not as much a successful-sounding image is.

How do you feel about discussing your misses? (NO. Not your wife. Yes, I’m sure she’s wonderful.)


10 thoughts on “Pushing Failures Under The Carpet Is A Lot Of Stink

  1. I think if acknowledge your failures, you can learn from them; if you pretend they don’t exist, you just wasted time. About 7 years ago, I found that I cannot sell vacuum cleaners door to door. I’m a failure at it. I also learned I’m somewhat happy about that fact.

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