What would you do?

India is a young 60-year old: still emerging, still shuffling its feet, doing some things just right and messing up quite a few others.

India: Young and Old by Ron

Well, young also because of the sheer number of bright incandescent bulbs CFLs that fill its corners like flitting, anxious fireflies.

Youth is capable of change, growth and greater understanding and badass things. It identifies with action, with movement and fluidity that comes not with a small age but with a responsive-receptive head inside that bony cage of a cranium. (I’m really trying to be funny. Laugh.)

I am, like (I’m glad there are others…) quite a few people out there, passionate about the environment and the planet we stick our feet into. I care about the animals and birds and the lots of living things whose names I do not know, a lot of people don’t; there are numerous instances where constructive intervention is called for.

Some of these living things look like exotic, kingly pumpkins, others look like the perfect sidekick to a bull and yet some more are very funny looking.

An Alligator Snapping Turtle. Slick guy, huh?

Enter Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. When I shifted here, joining an environment club was at the top of my priorities, except: well, there was no ‘College Environment Club’. Call me naive or what, but i really expected there to be one community of people who care for their surroundings. Guess it doesn’t work out that way too often.

S0 over time, I discovered environmental organizations and student bodies that work to that end, some personally and others on the internet and through word-of-mouth.

A file photo of Olive Ridley turtles making it to the sea in Ganjam district, Orissa

Of late, I’d been working to associate myself with one such organization that had set up a chapter in my insti in Bhub. Being amongst the first few people to be acquainted with these guys, I was plasma, thanks to my best friend who shares my enthusiasm for activity and nature. (He had been working with these people for quite long now.)

The chapter has completed (successfully, I’m guessing) a project, and are on the lookout for another one their way. Until a week ago, I was pumped up about organizing and conducting this project in Bhubaneshwar: you know, that feeling of importance? How you wear an invisible tie when you step out each morning? #likeaboss.

When I finally attended one of these meeting they conduct, it was an out-and-out business approach to launching a product based on environment issues. They do not lack leaders, they have some good ones. Do not lack organization either, given their protocols and legal framework in place.

They don’t lack people who’re working in the organization for mere credit: for certification that boldly declares their sweat-and-piss shed over a period of time. They lack direction. They lack inspiration. They don’t lack conceitedness, though. They don’t lack loss of focus either.

The day you guys went wrong was when you decided you’d go all business-venture on climate-awareness and enviro stuff. Had this sort of business acumen been anyplace else, you’d have admiration from me, but environment? No.

We don’t need products, right now. We need action and results worthy of those actions. Assessing and formulating a suitable plan of action is business-y stuff too.

As my best friend eventually gave up and walked out, I followed too. Not because simply he did, but because the setup did not really seem to push my buttons and get me working. There’s barely an environment in it. There’s barely the semblance of action that directly influences issues effectively. Because you’re stuck launching products.

So I have switched gears.

Ahead in time, either my best friend and I will team up and do things how we feel should be done, or we might just choose to volunteer in our respective states.

Volunteering seems interesting too. What would you say?

Which one is it gonna be?

For now, we’re thinking… and acting towards what we believe in in our little ways. Ahead in time, ahead in time, we’ll know which.


9 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. It’s so bloody difficult to know what to do when everything becomes so blurred. Like you, there are a lot of us out here in the blogosphere who care enough to write about many social and environmental issues for no financial reward. I try to do it using irony and humour. It gets very difficult at times.

    One thing I know is you have my support and I’m sure you will find, or create, something that counts.

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