Of Babas And Deceit

India is a land of diverse faiths and various embodiments, physical, textual and ritualistic or not, of each faith and school of belief.

Of late, a sizeable number of people ‘bestowed with divinity’ are making their way to television screens across the nation in countless households, not to mention other countries too. It has now assumed a predictable trend. You preach, gain immense followership, ask people to do certain things in order to alleviate their problems and conditions, ask for donations claiming it is solely the followers’ choice to, falling prey to accusations ranging from arabs of monies unaccounted for in your bank account to being caught in action with a young female ‘disciple’ to even miraculous acts being exposed as mere magical ones.

What saddens me is this: undoubtedly all of us face problems while we deal with what most term life and there are bound to be times where you feel you cannot take it anymore. This is where The Babas step, cashing in on people’s misery. They exploit someone’s sentiments to laugh and giggle their way to the bank, while the followers harbour false hopes of finding the ever-elusive solution that could make things easier for them. I feel sad for the people who rely on these sneaky freaks in times of need for a shoulder to rest their heads on.

Sure, they preach. Sure, people feel a difference in their lives: do you realise the power of belief and faith?

What you believe in is equally important as believing. Believing something that reeks of falsehood is a sign you aren’t using your discretion.

Anyway, it is a lose-lose situation, because people place their belief in someone who’s probably checking out some follower’s young daughter and the ‘divine people’ erode whatever trust and belief has managed to survive in today’s time.

I do not know all of your problems: maybe i have no idea at all. But one thing I do have an idea about is believing in yourself and realising that a second person can only guide you, not make things happen for you. You’re in charge of what happens, unbelievable as it sounds. Adapting to that line of thought doesn’t come easy. And hey, I’m not writing off other genuine people who would want to hear you out and guide you.

You simply need to know where to place your trust and belief, because once thwarted, your view of things is inexorably thwarted too.

Help me make the world a happier, awesome-er place?

Do you follow any spiritual figures? Have you encountered a Baba? Let the conversations begin!


5 thoughts on “Of Babas And Deceit

  1. “What you believe in is equally important as believing.” I love this. I, for one, don’t want to believe something false. We need to be very careful, where we put our faith. Be shrewd.

    As a Christian, I think the problem of some people manipulating other people’s faith for profit has been a real problem throughout history. In Christianity, it’s called simony and it really makes me angry. Do you think in India that kind of thing causes people to be cynical about religion, since many fakes are using it to get money and fame?

    • I see cynicism simmering, but only amongst the urban intelligentsia and the media.
      It is a strange mix of logic, faith and doubts here. People who fall for these gimmicks are either superstitious, uneducated (not illiterate) or ones who see no other hope or solution.

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