She waited till late and-

She often couldn’t help wondering if her decision had been the right one. She left love for charm; certainty for the uncertain… she couldn’t bear to spend yet another loveless day. She anxiously opened her accounts to check for any unread messages, anything. It was then that her alarm rang.

‘Complete Project’, her cell phone flashed.

Just a moment until he calls, she told herself. An hour passed, then two… and another half did. She allowed her sitcom collection to entertain her, even as her forefinger placed on the track pad instinctively sought to light up her portable phone’s home screen: assuring herself, patting her hunched back.

She explained the nonsense in her behavior to herself:
reassess, focus.

 Personal matters should never be allowed to plumber butt into your professional work commitments. People trust your capabilities, give them a reason?

‘Oh what the heck’, she loudly proclaimed. Mental conversations with yourself can get tiring, she observed.

And sometimes, our actions fly in the face of undeniable, obvious logic, she quipped. Mentally, of course. Her brows furrowed as her attention sank into murder mysteries and jilted lovers on drugs… till she stole another look at her phone again.

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Always had been her favorite phrase, more so because people loved to hate the three words. She sincerely believed that if there was something that could trump the obnoxiousness that Paris Hilton and her bikinis were, this’d be it. She punctuated this thought with another glance at the device with three buttons and a screen.

1:00 AM said her notebook. Her thighs felt as if someone had taken the liberty to tack board pins into them; oh how middle-age-crisis-y.

  • Fidget in bed, check.
  • Study icons on desktop, check.
  • Stroke teddy bear’s old dusty brown fur, check.
  • Realize you forgot to hang your towel to dry after a shower, check.
  • Fidget some more, check.

Nod off to sleep not knowing when you did…



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