Sometimes, people with XY chromosomes take a sharp left turn and decide to be different from their pool. Some prefer satin, but a lot of  them prefer moobs.

Yay boobies! Click to- erm. Just click.

… And then there’s the odd bikini-fetish guy too. GO.STEVE.KARDYNAL!

With an enviable and extensive collection of sizzling swimwear, webcammers are caught unawares (and I rhymed! I never do when i’m supposed to; such is life.) with a bearded bomb shimmying to Call Me Maybe. Nice moves, sister.

Which leads me to Gotye. If there ever was a song much parody-abused in cyber-public, Team Gotye probably stoned them to the first place with a badger. Why? Because badgers don’t give a flying poop.

A tech person at Forbes talks of all sins committed in Somebody’s name. Right up there with Rebecca Black, the original video makes me squirm in my chair- every flex of a muscle (yep, Kimbra’s shoulder) and the shiny wig and the notes and the lyrics… Had it been a little louder, it’d be my alarm tone.

Each time I visit Youtube, I’m haunted by the possibility of another parody leaking through.

I stumbled into Matthew Epstein and his Mustached Quest for a job at Google , except, well(We all know I did, I wrote this a week back. Time permits me only now. To post)

… I know how it ends. The dance is over and the Countess went back home. This man’s Google-courting turned out to be the biggest the internet has ever seen and now that it’s over, he has gone back  to his employed no-mustache life.

Impressing recruiters with well-dressed video resumes? (Hey, Engineer… You dare do it, bro.)

Note to self: search for his resume template.

Imagine piranhas taking off once lunch time begins. (They have such shiny teeth!)

The secret behind those pearlies? Floss, my friend. Dental floss.

Also, the information superhighway threw up one of the most visually appealing nerd-Joker Cosplayer alive: Harley’s Joker, people! He has been all over the place, and now he has an official Facebook home with Joker-y fan art and Comicons and conventions and, oh. I miss Heath Ledger 😦

Human, perfect human you.

The 12th this month also happened to be a in-the-middle-of-summer cultural fest, where a senior dedicated his contemporary dance performance to his parents and Heath Ledger, setting stage with a Harvey Dent quote. So much lurrrve in this worrld.

It was the same day my group dance performance was pulled out because of some vague phrase flung around in the song (thank you Bollywood, we were disqualified.) No amount of requesting and chin-in-your-red-carpet grovelling seemed to convince the panel we had even better moves stacked up, so salvaging whatever little enthusiasm we had left for the evening, rather late, we decided to call it a day. I’ve gotta admit, the audience got catcalls and thunderous clapping and dancing bellowing in the auditorium. Despite having had to go off-stage in middle of a muddle, they made us smile like goofs, because we knew our 12 days of working over that step and this shined through. Caz there’s so much lurrve in this worrld!

No one took a picture. They were all cheering. So i put this up instead. Ooh, smartness.

I guess we needed that disqualification, because now we’re itching to dance better and bigger. Just about as invincible as we can get till the Next Muscle Cramp strikes, because we think we’re too badass to stretch some first.

Did I mention there was a lot of slow walking on that stage? Oh, there was. Something like this, but there weren’t any ornate Japanese names. Genki Sudo is SO darned badass.

Le Clown points all us Le Followers in directions best for us. Case in point? Kana’s Chronicles, whatever the Kana-text. As I write this, her home page presents me with a Job Application Grin and a motorcycle tattoo. Go read her chronicles. I’m still soaking in the badassness.

Hate me for all ‘badass’es, haters, i just found a lot of badass things this month you never did.

Meanwhile, James Altucher told me of 33 unusual tips to becoming a good writer. (Dude, who is considerate enough to allow your bowel movement some space in that list? Yeah, that’s right. It’s James yo!)

But hey, wait. I stumbled into, which is now up with official merch from the much acclaimed Gangs of Wasseypur! Bewkaoof, for the uninitiated, is Hindi for stupid with a dash of almost innocent ignorance.

Look at that universal appeal. What sort of a self-respecting individual with his/her/their? own background music wouldn’t want a t-shirt like that?

Source: via Ritika on Pinterest

As I dig back into signal representation and systems now, I think I’m gonna let you in on that tiff between me and biology.


3 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. What a wonderful blogger you are. I LOVE this post – I wish I could combine so much stuff so cleverly (oh and the shock value was interesting!) Juliexxx
    ps. I have saved this so I can persuse again – you rock Ritika!

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