When I rhyme, this is what happens

No doubt each kid has been fed a steady diet of standard nursery rhymes (and strangely, all with the same tune), I probably must have regurgitated my rhyme-y knowledge from then. I don’t know what would explain my lack of rhyme now.

It doesn’t have a scheme, it doesn’t have a composition and sometimes, one line has too many words.

It stumbles into speculative poetry sometimes; I’ve hung out with the lyric and prose versions too.

This is what happened when I badly wanted to rhyme. (what’s one without the other, eh?)




The Doggie Rhyme

I’m man’s best friend

And sometimes a fiend

They make me what they want

And as they please

They gimme ponytails,

Some pigtails and a cookie

And I know that doesn’t even rhyme

I also follow human trails

Into casinos and


I’m the man with the tail

My puppy eyes never fail

The girls go ‘oh baby!’ and gaga over me

I have nice shiny fur

And hey I don’t hate what purrs

Because they have nice shiny fur too

They’ve even got a tail

And a conquerist plan that might fail

But who cares so long as I get a cookie!

I only wanted to write moar

So my doggy wings could soar

And I get a cookie again. Woof.

Do I get a bone for this?


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