Review: Death Note

Name rings a bell?

Desu Noto follows high schooler Yagami Light as a notebook becomes his instrument to deliver justice to the masses and later, means to greater evil.

I have been following Bleach for a few years now, so the first episode that shows goody two shoes Yagami aceing his national tests all over again elicited a poker face from me because Bleach had a similar beginning and two, from the looks of it, did not seem like the most fun series.

Death gods or shinigami are a lazy lot in DN, much unlike those in the Seireitei; while Bleach happened to take on a fight-styled approach to the general concept of a system of Death gods, creator Tsugomi Ohba chose to spin a suspenseful yarn instead. The Shinigami world is an apt reflection of their rottenness. On one such nondescript day, a death god drops his death note.

‘It may get interesting.’

The Death Note seems like a boring bunch of pages strung together.

The human whose name is written in this notebook shall die.

Like all tools, the borders around this notebook’s actions and its impact are chalked out by its user.

As the story progresses, Smarty Pants Light unravels more of the finer intricacies that hang around the Death Note over time, with Ryuk spending his days in the Yagami household; his mission in the human world was probably to the rid the world of all its apples.

Ryuk can haz apples?

Remember when Uncle Ben said that with ‘great power comes great responsibility’? It wasn’t only the spider bites he meant. When you gain unbridled, an unaccounted-for power with no god, you lose all semblance of society-stamped-and-approved human traits and end up at the mercy of your peremptory whims. Continue reading