Engineering a new design. And potatoes.

I have absolutely no idea where I’m headed.

I make plans, they get fudged. Easy peasy.

I figured I’d give the planning a rest for a while and go work at my Photoshop skills, when a quick Google search for PSD freebies led me to an interesting website.

It was a portfolio. Having seen so many of them, you tend to generalize; there’s the bio, there’s the portfolio, there’s the contact section aaaannnd you’re done.

But James Sallee’s web space will scratch out all idea of a website in your head.

The Welcome

The first thing that catches the eye is a little man-face with a moustache. My cursor was feeling adventurous. It discovered that it could actually change the mooch our little man on the top sported!

Personally, I had never liked moustaches or any other fancy/socially acceptable forms and designs of facial hair on men… despite my father having had his very own Mooch.

The good Lord would know.


My dislike for potatoes is equally a cause of morbid interest to many. Assuming divinity to be a bearded old man with nothing else to do but create funny people or bless the world with quirk some ones (like all Indian children are made to believe when small. Oh, wait. Children are small, I meant super small.) I figure God (let’s just call him that for now, can we?) was like, She isn’t weird enough. Make her hate potatoes. And make her Indian. Indians eat lots of potatoes.

Thank you God. My plate is never empty, if you know what I mean.

You still don’t like moustaches, do you?

But then a guy called Matthew Epstein with an obscenely popular resume website came along and established this bug in my head that Hey, mooch is not bad. Maybe it is good.

Look, it is even sexy! (Not necessarily in those terms)

I even gush about it till my face looks bloodless, right here.

So when James lets you change the Mooch on the mini-man, you feel in control.

This aspect of the user being in control is highly pronounced throughout the website. The man, (not the mini-man!) offers you a tour of the place on the homepage. He calls you lazy, but that’s okay because you can use arrow keys to check things out.

One word: cool.

At every stop, there’s a tiny link depending on what page you’re on; downloads, photo blog.

So who is James Sallee?

I saw ‘engineer’ in his bio and boy did I light up.

When did they allow engineers to become this cool?

I’m talking about my part of the world, but there is no telling. At a time when your decisions seem uncertain, to know about someone who decided on something and eventually reached The Summit of Badass, it is more than assuring.

It feels as if someone breaks into your room at an unearthly hour to let you know Jim Parsons was never gay in the first place. Or that my unicorn Henry is back.

That assuring.

A prompt follow on Twitter later, my antennae are fired up again.

I plan a website of my own, padawan 🙂

PS. A friend of mine recently confided to me a dark, painful secret of The Land of the Moustached and Bearded. He’s bullied for his facial hair. Terrorist, Kasab, goat-girl… (Yes, I made up the last one.)

But B is for Beard as B is for Badass. What is a man without a moustache?

Tell them the next time they bully you, I said.