The Battle Carries On, Koopy and Google in a tiff

College people are blocking random websites like a Douchinator. Unfortunately, WordPress falls in the ambit, whereas surprisingly, something as miserable as Blogger gets to live free.


Google, please. I know you have given me all I could have ever asked for. You gave me the perfect email services when things didn’t work out between me and Yahoo and I appreciate it. Out of childlike enthusiasm for anything with a new name, I tried using Ymail and I remember you being there when no one else was.

You’ve shown me funny cat videos when I was sad.

You have always listened to me, answered all my doubts, even times when I wasn’t sure how to spell a fancy French word.

But Blogger is a different story Google and you know it. By Bing, you know it.

I started blogging with your product, okay? I tried! I was patient with it and tried customizing it while you clumsily tried adding my Google Pus profile to my id. Your options aren’t interesting, the design isn’t intuitive and fluid: it is almost like you do not want me to blog, Google.

Look at my first blog. Do you feel like reading it, Google? I don’t. You don’t either, you dare look away.

Today, after all these months, you’re grinning wide as a monkey when Juniper Web Filter refuses to let me blog on WordPress?

I’m happy here, Google. WordPress has been everything to me that your Blogger hasn’t. Get over it, and fix that mess of yours damn it.

Move on. I found love in a hopeless place, I know you will too. You know I love you… my only email id now is on Gmail and it will always be that way, trust me.

I feel like you’re always following me, Google.

Just shut down Blogger. It is ridiculous. I do not understand how people can bear to click on blogspot links, forget running a website in that shady place.

To college people: Seriously? I mean, seriously? WP is badass. You don’t block WP, okay.

Definitely not when Blogger walks around scot free.


What do you think?

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