Grow one while you’re at it. Be a man.

You like a Mo?

We all like a nice, shiny mo. Some 30 young lads in Adelaide did too, back in 2004.

Yep, Movember is right around the corner! We’ve all seen and participated in massive campaigning for many forms of cancer  but there still are some like  prostrate cancer and other illnesses that men suffer from sulk in one corner of the room, undetected.

Movember is a month-long event where Mo Bros sprout  moustaches to raise awareness about men’s health issues, particularly prostrate and testicular cancer initiatives and their early detection. Because men will be men and Movember is our own way of reaching out and giving them a hug and basking in knowledge, prevention and subsequent awareness over Men-maladies.

A clown called Le Clown dedicated a post to spreading more light and positively phototactic insectmethingies about the cause and what you can do. Hop over to Bloggers for Movember to know how you can ask those men’s illnesses to go blog themselves and be known.

We all really care about this cause, and we know you do too.

There’s a Clown on Fire who can let you in on the movement; it is just like Miss Four Eyes says. You can save the world.

Just like Superman, one Mo at a time.

Go sprout a mooch. Every man deserves a little bit of luxury.

I’m supporting it because cancer is a horrible thing to happen to anyone. If something can be prevented with a little more awareness and a little less ignorance and lots of handsome Mo’s around, who’s complaining?

Post scriptum: I own a MoSpace! I’ve signed up as a Mo Sista and pledge to support a mo for a month. Please feel free to donate, however small an amount, your contribution counts : ) Right here.