You and I, Math.

Sleep burned the back of my eyes, causing my lids to gently droop. As i felt my demon raise its head, a shiver ran down my back as i conjured a king size, down-free (you still gotta love nature, right?) super huge bed with more pillows than my sleep deprived head could count.

And it was then that I dared to look in the eye.

It felt like what a web browser must with no history or cookies. No bearings. A foreign garbled language looked down on me.

I sensed fear in me, but my head throbbed in rebellion, nevertheless.

My first math class in the new semester was a confused start. This is about a teacher you do not know, a subject that became dear to you in course of a year thanks to an amazing god of a math teacher and a tectonic shift in class timings. A quiet panic breathed into my fancy minimalist bony brain chamber.

You and I, Math. You and I.

We shall never never see each other again, eh?