We Are Young. Are We Strong?

Being young is scary.

I have goals in mind and I’m galloping towards them: sometimes fast, sometimes slow. But as I make my way through assignments and project deadlines and mind maps, it occurs to me that happening doesn’t follow the book.

The run to the finish line might just leave you a changed person. Heck, I’m sure it will.

Being young, I now realize, is primarily about discovering yourself and what you like. The last six words are the simplest in English language.

They take the longest to get answered honestly. Right from hiring managers to a potential spouse, your identity and your understanding of who you are in essence is the gooey insides of the apple pie that your existence is.

So while you’re in college, these few years aren’t a Beretta held to your temple while you wet your spot on the floor and try to decide whether your shirts would be custom tailored with Sasha Cohen’s beard hair or if you would save for a designer baby that looks like Nicki Minaj. If your wife approves, that is. (And there is no way your wife would be willing to agree unless… it is Nicki.Minaj.herself. Errmahgad. Just please don’t marry Nicki Minaj?)


But while you’re here and there’s still time, why don’t you figure out what you really like?

The prospect of working on the absolute love of your life for the rest of adulthood is so fascinating that less-than-two-years left pound my head like an indestructible galactic war hammer. Yep Thor, the Nordic god of thunder. You’re so bright.


Being young is prioritizing. It is knowing whether Tuesdays would mean basketball games or an hour or two spent writing for a side job.

Being young is stopping the hell down for once, taking a well deserved break and just thinking. All the quick one-minute maps you jot down and intend to follow on, maybe they do deserve a little sleeping over, hey.

Being young is telling yourself that it is okay to watch three hours of anime on some days. It is okay to overdo things on the other side too.

I was inflicted with writer’s cramp in high school. It felt extra terrestrial to not be able to write for more than five minutes. But slowly, I learned to overcome this hurdle like a galloping unicorn in an obstacle race in one-horned glory.

Unknowingly, I was hard on myself sometimes. And a friend once walked back home with my pencil box.

Yes, like that. She came over to my desk, slid the box out and whapp.

Of course I had stationery back home, and there was homework to be done everyday… But I made it a point I did not miss the one she made with that gesture.

She wanted me to know it is okay to not write for a while. You won’t lose progress.

Being young is having faith and surrounding yourself with people who have faith in you.

The people you hang out with, talk to and all? They do make a difference. I get the whole scene with spending time with ‘the right people’ to get work done, but seriously, it reflects your lack of belief in your capabilities.

It’s simple, get happy faces around yours. You’re bound to smile. (Works great if you have laughing lines. Or hideous dark circles that makeup insolently refuses to cover up: people really don’t care 🙂  )

Being young is being young in the head.

You can have grandma arms for all I care. You’re allowed to have grandma arms! Or fake dentures. Or bifocals.

At which point, a friend tells me it’s safer not to list the rest of them.

Well, you get it, right?



4 thoughts on “We Are Young. Are We Strong?

  1. You have a way with words.
    Why is it so hard to really discover yourself and what you like? But I guess that’s what we’re all doing, even the people who seem to have it all figured out.

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