The Beginning

I’ve procrastinated enough already; it has been over a week since I set up this place.

Turns out, it isn’t as easy to write about how I’m struggling my way to becoming a better speaker speaker. well, all the more reason I should get hustlin’ with it, I guess.

Where I stand now, I am essentially confused on how to express myself in a more clear fashion. Since I happen to be of the quieter kind. I find myself able to put across my ideas much more effortlessly when I write; I want to be able to speak a lot more effectively and without becoming fudgy.

Debates are amazing. I have opinions on about everything under the sun… Except when you’re not able to say it as well as you want to, it is not such a nice feeling.

Where do I begin?

This question raised its head aeons back and it bugs me still. I figured the best thing would be to halt all the planning and thinking and to start speaking already.

A college in my university is celebrating World AIDS Day on the 30th of November. I signed up for the extempore : )

And because I couldn’t resist,  a story-writing competition too!

Till 30th of November comes, I’m using every opportunity to talk to people as a chance to become a better and more empathetic listener and someone who can convey things concisely. (… Funny but I talk a lot.)

You can’t be a good speaker if you’re not a good listener.


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