Survived AIDS? Never mind.

When the University’s medical school decided to celebrate World AIDS Day with a host of activities of which two caught my attention, I was expecting some fun. Or at least acknowledgement of my work. Or certificates of participation at the very least.

A day later when the results were announced, I gave myself an I-told-you-so lecture.

Of course. When have the people here been fair in competition. Obviously all top places were ‘bagged’ by the host school’s student. So what if the results tell you anything different?

I could hear people whining over how the event had potential to be a greater success. Let’s pop your bubble, people, because anything better or sensible is way beyond your league.

The judges who slapped medical knowledge and AIDS know how left and write for the writing competition and the other shared a trait in common: favoritism and snobbishness.

If you are looking around to gather support for a cause, you do not invite them to your lair and insult them or their work. Instead of encouraging participants in any form or manner, the organizers stepped on whatever little patience I had with this place and their standard of work.

I went in for the extempore to gain more stage and mic time and face my nervousness head on; seeing the best speaker who clearly should have won make peace with the ‘unexpected’ results killed whatever space I had in my head for self improvement.

If you know what I mean.

If you know what I mean.

I spent an hour writing a short story on the picture you had displayed. If you cannot get yourself to acknowledge my skill, do not remark and point out factual flaws in my work of fiction either, or go on to explain what you wanted to hear when you decided that topic for speaking.

There’s such a thing as individual expression.

Absolute waste of time.


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