Easy come, please don’t go?

it’s a funny trajectory that i have been marking out since last year, having whizzed in and woodenly slunken out of well-meaning and impotent initiatives by peers, mostly on account of lack of any work being done, whatsoever.

They hollered for my ink on paper but the satisfaction of working was missing.

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‘It takes a great deal of courage to want to reveal yourself, even under anonymity. To want to do that means you want things to change.
You love yourself enough to know you’re hurting yourself. It will be a lot of work, yes, but you’re the only one stopping yourself and the only one who can help yourself out of this.

I know you’ll win this. It is only a matter of time. : )
Take care : )’

Dreamers & Schemers

That’s story writing for you.

I started writing because it came easily to me, my grammar had its feet in all the right places and I found it cathartic.. For someone who’s rather particular about organization and planning, my writing tends to be freewheeling. And sometimes, the wheel runs out of sight.
A few lines of prose or poem would be just the cure to a hormone-riddled head that was only halfway through making sense of all around it.
As a kid, I simply felt and wrote. That’s what people do, I’d think. But as years rolled by and I treated myself to written work of much greater complexity, befuddlement was a constant companion.
How can people plan and write? And still make it sound awesome?
Refer to Write About Dragons for more lessons.
Everything that I write is a journey in itself. As words tip-tap themselves onto the screen, I feel the fog over expression lift.
I have absolutely adored the thrill of experiencing what I write; sometimes, this level of involvement makes me not want to write for a long stretch of time. There are others when I wish I could just as easily pen a scifi war series.
How do people plan and write?
Some just do and others don’t.
 The work of George R. R. Martin is a bit of a saving grace, who *drumroll* was a gardener kind of writer. He cultivated his plots and when beginning one novel, had no idea how it would end.
My inability to develop characters satisfactorily has led me to analyze how other people do it: narration, person, dialogue, manner and such.
I am reading and reviewing like a madman since it allows me to actively observe the book’s content and judge it, than simply stuff myself with what my eyes can steal.
This is not even a proper blog post, but hey, see my forehead crumple like paper.
PS. Writers’ Stack Exchange is a brilliant place to be if you’re looking for answers to your question marks. The newsletter is a splendid mail to read through.