Easy come, please don’t go?

it’s a funny trajectory that i have been marking out since last year, having whizzed in and woodenly slunken out of well-meaning and impotent initiatives by peers, mostly on account of lack of any work being done, whatsoever.

They hollered for my ink on paper but the satisfaction of working was missing.

What is work?

Ask yourself, really. This one isn’t rhetoric.

It isn’t waking up at 5 on Sundays to purge yourself of whatever little sanity rests in your cranium. Work is art. To be able to work effectively is a much-prized skill, not just because it pays big bucks but also because it opens five doors simlutaneously if you work hard enough and for the right things.

Heaven probably has a big mahogany desk too.

So hard work is important but knowing what to work at and how are equally important. Look at ants. They’re smaller than a pinkie and a fraction of our nervous system.

ants But the crawlie gets work done.

Unfortunately, in the big bad world that Koopy has seen, incentives often outweigh other priorities that are reason for those incentives in the first place.

In college, these can be anything from certificates to being called CEO’s of your own ‘company’ and having pages after pages singing acapellas of your praises and bagging favors and dreaming of big acorns instead of actually collecting them.

Why can’t I stay in one place?

Complacency breeds mediocrity. Wherever I was asked to join and come help out, I was lured by titles, salaries (yep) and stuff. But once you’re part of the inner circle and the hype has died out, absolutely nothing happens. ‘Goals’ rot away as the ‘members’ run amok.

A month or two with one group of people and then with another probably does not look that good. But it isn’t worth wasting all that passionate youth on counting cobwebs.

Gai sensei would approve.

Gai sensei would approve.

When I can’t find the sort of place I want to work in and persuasion does not help, I might as well create my own space. One could argue that if majority of people agree on a certain thing, say oatmeal n’ raisin cookies should be banned, people can affect change.

But how may people would really bother about oatmeal n’ raisin cookies? Or consider why would somebody think of banning that piece of baked perfection in the first place?

People can be made to see reason if you use the right manner and words. I know. But sometimes, they do not want to listen.

I have two choices. Either I compromise and continue to work disgruntled with things and spread the crankiness around and maybe unleash the PMS on colleagues or I step out, snip all non-pretty frills away and work like I want to.

No, rather I had two choices.

Twitching nervously, a senior called the choice crazy. He saw my side of things and agreed with it. How can I do anything?, he said.

Why not?

Luckily, this comes at a time when I have been figuring out how to get started and which idea first.

I feel like millions of people have before they took the first step.

What if no one likes it?

What if I don’t find the right kind of people?

Would finding an alternative be a better idea than my own?

All valid concerns, I hear you. These questions and sillier ones are waking up as I go about chalking plans and studying for my papers this week.

It isn’t that easy, a friend tells me. He should know, having started and run quite a few outfits and managing them on a daily basis.

But the only word that makes its way out of the suspended mist of questions is, ‘Awesome.’



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