Shy idea doesn’t want to see your face

Sharing is good. Sharing beliefs, sharing food (when it isn’t your lunch pack, of course), sharing prom night pictures, sharing how-to’s, sharing ideas.

Sharing ideas with some when it sparks the hay inside your head with belligerent flames that refuse to die…
Why would you share ideas?
Because you cannot do everything alone.
Because some people are good at somethings you aren’t.
Because you just want to check how sane or feasible your idea sounds.
Because you cannot stop jumping on your imaginary unicorn’s ass.
(Child Protection Services is watching you. I swear to George it is.)
But they can backfire. You can end up picking the wrong people. Or maybe someone tells you all the wrong things about the road ahead; they mislead you for their purposes. Or your imaginary unicorn might die of a swollen ass.
But all in all, it does you more good than harm.
What happens when you don’t share ideas?
I guess it is sort of like wine. When this rudimentary map is relayed from one neuron to another, you think. Maybe overdo it. A little like beer, it gets all the fermentation it needs. Or maybe it dies a slow death.
Quite a few of my ideas never make their way past my Evernote client. They sit in for a while, mingle with the others while I conjure possible permutations and combinations and if stuff seems good enough to proceed with, we’re good to go.
This also has to do with the many sour experiences I have had in college when it comes to working with people. A surprising number hide their reputation of killing time and doing nothing in the name of setting benchmarks. It could even be something like buying ample ribbon for decorating a random tree. Or buying soft drinks for important people. Or mailing pictures of a recent event. Or following up with the minutes of a previously held meeting. It tends to put you off talking to people for much work and I’m no different.
And then, sometimes discussion carries with it a certain wretched degree of seeking validation and approval that I cannot stand.
Is it the wrong sort of people I keep bumping into? Of course it is.
How did artists and engineers and inventors operate in the older days? I wonder if they placed much premium on discussing what ran through their minds. People of a certain contributed a bulk of what our advancements and comforts are based on. Did they seek counsel or share?
Do you? (I don’t care if it’s a lemonade stand. A lot of young lemonade stand owners grew up to be stinking rich when they grew up. Fat chance I’ll have a problem if you discuss your lime business with me. Nope. Nah. Nope.)

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