Eccentric Bastards

I was reading some Poe before I drifted into my own version of hell. An eccentric man such as him who speaks of mesmerizing the dead and walling in the alive- he speaks of no unnatural phenomena but of the beasts that snarl inside us. Were they his demons?

His eccentricity, it lulled me from web to web.

I’d feel a slight heaviness as I cradled my head preciously on the pillow. I was afraid to fall asleep, lest I gnaw at my conscience and beg me to allow me to wake up. My nightmares are grotesque hunks of deformed truths I had come to accept in waking life; as I scampered and tried to ease myself into life-giving deadly sleep, flashes of a past horror would run along the length of my memory and rip its fabric apart. Back then, I remember waking thrilled and relieved.

This nightmare, I beamed inwardly that cloudy morn, will be another head sewn to my anthology of short stories; a contract is a contract.

My, writers can  be eccentric.



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