How To: Freeze Time and Annoy People Like You’re Batshit Crazy

For optimum results, please follow the procedure in the given order.

  1. Take a camera device everywhere.
  2. Click random pictures with that newly bought DSLR of yours you have no fucking idea about.
  3. Ensure you upload all of these pictures to your Facebook profile. It is important that you inundate others’ news feed with pictures of your little cousin digging his nose on five different occasions on your birday bash at some nameless corpse of a hangout.
  4. In case your Facebook friends feature in your works of art, do not forget to tag them. Particularly if there’s nose-digging and ponytails made out of armpit hair involved.
  5. Every time you add any picture, I repeat, any, google some abstract sounding dense philosophical quotes from some obscure old fart with his two jiffies of fame. In today’s competitive world where everyone’s pretend-to-be-intellectual skills are top of order, do you really want to be left far behind?
  6. Once you receive a minimum of 3 likes on any of the said pictures, hear your true calling and strain your ears to hear your own photography page on FB call out to you.


Get started, padawan. Stat.


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