At the stroke of midnight hour, when people aren’t home

At midnight, my parents wonder why my brother isn’t home yet. Perhaps we should call him, my mother suggests.

As I yank clothes off the line, i reflect on their wonder and apparent blindness to the exhausting possibilities future held; i shan’t name the ones I mean for they aren’t the kind of things I’d wish upon anyone, much less my brother.

They wouldn’t have been wondering had it been me. Sirens for me sound within an hour or three in broad daylight. Had *I* not been back home by midnight, they would’ve torn the city apart in my quest.

Huxley’s world seems to have come to a mangled realization. Hordes of sexually crazed oafs looking for newsworthy ways to an end have begun picking women all-fucking-over the place like fat ruddy gnats.

Initially i assumed that fault lay with the country- most Indians will blush crimson and call your parents in heaven or in the infernal pits of their hellish abode to complain that you just uttered the s-word. How rude! Is this how you’ve been brought up?

The sexual repression theory is very widely accepted; it wins approval from Indians themselves. It surely has its merits. The land which authored the treatise on imaginative copulation and boasts of quite the number of topless chicks in stone grew bored of its reputation or whatever. So when middle age crisis struck, India turned its back to whatever it is that makes babies and decided to hump a dead economy and a weak rupee instead. Right. Turned their backs to baby manufacturing plants. And storks. Which deliver them.

But then Hollywood’s been pretty cool with stuff right (hello, Star Trek movie with its Victoria’s Secret moment)



Having barely attended two debates, my father is not very keen on (and rightly so) me travelling particularly with people he doesn’t know.

And I’m waiting for the world to notice. I cannot be the only one axing my travel/debating plans into. No siree.

But from what little I see on the internet of my girl friends, some of them are always in flux, trotting from one city to another locale and how.


No parents at home or what?

Pepper spray and Taekwondo have done little to assure my parents of my safety… even unplanned trips during lunchtime from my office to the nearby Dominoes outlet aren’t exactly welcomed by my mother.

Lunchtime, mom? Day?

I think females are getting the shorter end of the stick and no fun it is, dude.

How much longer till the female fraction of the country (isn’t even half) of India sits pulverised and twitching, pulling everyone and everything down because there is no way up?

Amelioration will remain a dream unless the many political guardians of India stop playing whack-a-mole during elections and partying like fucking beavers otherwise. Because we totally pay taxes for you to ride elephants and helicopters for nine months out of twelve.

Also, global warming. I don’t think the scientists were kidding. I feel queasy each time i want to switch on the air conditioner more frequently than the guy on the dance show goes all WHAT A CHUMMESHWARI PERFORMANCE!!!

Temperatures are unbelievably hotter. Another century and there will be unicorn scientists examining our ill-fated remains.


7 thoughts on “At the stroke of midnight hour, when people aren’t home

  1. It’s hard to know what to say, when you have said so much in one little post and i hardly know where to start.

    It’s terrible for women not to feel they can walk the streets for fear of being raped or molested. And horrible for their parents to worry all the time,

    Just the same, It’s nightmarish for some of us to have to think we might be blown up by a bomb on our way to the supermarket, or the cinema – and I do know something of that having lived in London during the years of the IRA bombing campaign.

    But it’s even worse when our governments start using these things to take political advantage and restrict our freedoms. The price of freedom should not be less freedom.

    Another good subject to debate for your fellow students to debate.

    And here’s my take on the suject to get the ball rolling/

    Has the ‘war on terrorism’ – and I know there are many ‘wars on terrorism’ for many different reasons all over the world, but am referring the US-led war on terrorism for the purpose of this debate – left the world a safrer place or a more dangerous place?

    I would argue it has made it a far more dangerous place. But is that true? or just a mistaken perception of the situation? And if a lot more people in the world hold that mistaken perception than I, believing there are even more violent terrorists than there were before, is the world still a a better place? If the truth is there are fewer, as many politicians would claim, then shouldn’t we all feel safer ? If the medicine is so good, surely the patient should not just be told he feels better, but he should also actually feel better.

    There are only two possibilities here. The war on terrorism has been a great success and there are many fewer terrorists in the world than there were before it began, and we don’t have to worry anymore. The war on terrorism has been and absolute disaster and there is more terrorism than there ever was so you better lock up your doors and get armed to the hilt. Or, the third, the war on terrrorism has had no effect on the actual number or terrorists and things are just about the same.

    Now, I’m sure you can think of a lot more possibilites, but what we are really talking about is our fear of terrorism. Durung the IRA atttacks, I couldn;t stay in my room in London all day, even though i could here explosions on a reasonably regular basis. And, anyway, it’s just as likely, or unlikely, somone could’;ve lobbed a bomb through my window.

    I’m getting a bit lost here, but i want you to know your freedoms are too precious to be restricted by fear. On the other hand, I agree with your Mum, and you shouldn’s stay out too late.

    But very serious debate is needed here, as there are forces at work threatening the democracy our parents and grandparents fought so valiently to gain.

    As for the heat, it;s getting very hot here now, but we normally have a breeze coming from one direction or another to cool us down at might. Phew! We’re supposed to keep comments short, and I could go on about this for hours.

    • Long comments are a pleasure to read and always welcome Bryan. I look forward to reading your views.

      The IRA bombings, I’ve read, were horrifying. I cannot imagine violence around me on that scale.

      There are many things which sow violence in the hearts of many. Terrorism did seem, at one point, way more focused a movement and better organized than many countries’ struggle for freedom and democracy.

      But I believe that by way of wanting to eradicate these things, governments have had more misses than hits and while their efforts are visible (unlike the everybody snooping on everybody else’s citizens online) it is an advanced and a great deal more uncertain time today.

      The line between democracy and blatant dictatorship is blurring now.
      The secrets just keep crawling out of the woodwork; here, they don’t bother to hide anything they do because they don’t accomplish much in the name of running the country. A step ahead and another two back.
      I came across this article today, by the way. Do give it a read.

    • WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

      Bryan not surprised to read such an excellent comment – being you.

      Great post, Ritika, very relevant.

  2. Which country do you live in?

    I also have protective parents….but they have learned the hard way.

    It does help to have your own home. Perhaps think about working towards that.

  3. I grew up in Gujarat & back then we used to hang out late night including last show movies without any parental concerns. Garba during navratri goes well past mid-night and girls have no issues going back home without male company.
    Recent events in north India have changed our lives. I visited Gujarat after a long time & saw people exercising extra caution! Law & Order is well maintained in the state and anti-social elements are kept under check by the authorities, still there’s a sense of fear of unknown in people’s mind by driven by the events happened mile away. It’s up to us to see where do we take the future of India. Spread Gujarat to rest of India or let Gujarat be gripped by the rest of the nation I think it will be a collective efforts of citizens & authorities, starting with citizens first by bringing in right people to power who can make the system work

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