Earth to 9-5 employee, Earth to 9-5 employee!

I haven’t been able to get through, but I guess I might keep trying, who knows.

He reaches early in the morning. In no time, his clinical efficiency sees to it that his laptop sits secure and demure on its stand and his lunch heads for warmer climes in the hot-case. And so begins another day of work typed onto a cobweb of networks; the keys of his laptop softly war with each other till some invisible problem desiccates an already weakening resolve to stay put. But alas, the lure of the morning’s first cup of coffee cannot be overcome that effortlessly.

So the compatriot must if he must. He milks the electronic cow for his drink. If he’s lucky enough, others would have arrived in time to join him- their schedules convalescing towards these oases of discussions and food and merry and gossip. But it’s too early in the morning. Perhaps a walk around the floor would do him some good.

Our good-hearted man tires to ameliorate his condition by acting on that thought, only others don’t quite expect you to just walk around. Just like that. What are you, a high schooler?

So he promptly barges into the other, smaller cafeteria acting like a natural. Another cuppa, no harm.

A quick seemingly nonchalant glance at the watch tells him it has been over an hour.

An hour! Time must really be flying. As he rushes to settle into his pod again, he sees messages addressed to him; little tokens of other people’s dependence on his functioning. He liked to tell himself that, at least.

On his screen, a quaint screen popped up on his screen, obscuring all other windows that held life giving work. It seemed like a transmission across the network from far away.

Earth to 9-5 Employee.

Who knows. He will have to open it once it was done downloading.


I am studying electronics and instrumentation for my Bachelor’s. Very promptly then, this summer, I decided to train at a reputed automation company for a month. College classroom to office cubicle is a longer walk around the water cooler than I figured. Every day for four weeks, save for one, I started my day at 9 and ended it at 6. The peculiarity of a 9-5 job sitting in a cubicle in front of a screen never fails me.

Even with the 10-minute-break-for-every-50-minutes-spent-working-rule. The decor gives up within pretty much the first day or two; no matter how pleasing to the eye it may be tailored to look, nothing can impress a slothful sleepy pair of eyes in the morning. Not kidding you.

I have learnt a lot of *relevant* stuff; I am grateful it was, in some way, linked to coding. I savoured that connection throughout but again, there are times even love for coding cannot beat sloth. (The heart shudders.)


Nevertheless, it was awesome to see what instrumentation and automation engineers do in real life for actual work that pays: they automate manufacturing plants and such (including chocolate factories, teeheehee)

The employees were very forthcoming and helped us understand a lot about how such systems work, carefully scaling the complexity of such discussions and the questions we were to answer.

Four of us trainees/interns/chhokralog played gods, what with constructing ladder logic diagrams and SCADA systems for water tanks and parking lots and traffic lights at intersections and all that jazz.

For the first time, studying what I am studying shines with a glimmer of appeal. What would the world be without these windows? My one month with this company comes to an equally prompt end.

A part of me is ecstatic at the prospect of being able to sleep till 10… Or who knows, even noon!

… Though not for too long. College begins barely 2 weeks after this.

Just when I’d gotten a hang of life with virtual machines and incessant coffee breaks, the training is yawning to an end; mine much earlier than the rest.


2 thoughts on “Earth to 9-5 employee, Earth to 9-5 employee!

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Oh – “The peculiarity of a 9-5 job sitting in a cubicle in front of a screen never fails me.” – I soooooo get that. So get it…. In fact, I want out.

    Interesting piece – & good luck with your Bachelors 🙂

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