That which I want so badly, what if it does not fulfill me? You’d call me a killjoy for thinking like this, but I really don’t want to waste my time.

They say to feel hurt, disgust, pain and repulsion is the point of living at all. How oxymoronic is that?
when you open yourself to the dark, you experience light.
Makes me wonder: is there really a law of duality at work?Good and bad, happy and sad, open and closed… I think Schrödinger managed to bell the cat. This little bit also happens to form the spine of the story I am writing.
It has been close to half a year already.  I am still reflecting, composting ideas… And manga can be very high standards to hold your story up to.
All the series I have seen/read [Bleach/Naruto/Fairy Tail/One Piece/Death Note… Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is pretty much based in our world] have a sound philosophical ground for their characters and their abilities.
For instance Bleach. The sword is a part of your soul. To be able to fight as one with your zanpaktou you have to know it intimately. Kurosaki Ichigo had to rescue Kuchiki Rukia and later the world but before he could, he had to embrace the dark in himself, the Vaizard.
One Piece credits the Devil’s fruits with granting mere humans divine power. Luffy was made of rubber. Others had the power of lightning, the ability to dissemble and dig underground burrows like a mole and a gun was even brought to life.
In Naruto, one’s chakra feeds the technique and its offensive power — and it is one’s mind that controls the chakra.
How do energy and combat abilities relate to the individual in the universe I am building? I am yet to find out.
And then duality remains a question. Could it be that seemingly contrasting names gloss over the intricacies the two share?
We’ve given names to so many things, so many people to quell the need to know how to react to them.
But don’t these labels oversimplify things? You call someone lesbian or gay– there are times I find it redundant. They may have differing requests: like a set of two men’s watches to be gift-wrapped and parcelled (lazy example, but hey)
Your orientation is inconsequential. I do not find much utility for it otherwise, apart from headlines and more laws. These words have politicized the act of liberating people from their moulds.

What do you think?

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