20 things i think while IMing

1.’LOOK! i don’t even capitalize my i’s!’

2. ‘You take way too long to type. I type faster. See?’ *types furiously. Because every chat is a race you must win.*

3. ‘We’re not texting, you know. You could consider complete English words and sentences. I’ve heard they can be life changing.’

4. ‘You know you’re boring, don’t you? And you’re doing this to me because I unknowingly bored you at some point in life?’


6. ‘Are you googling all those names?’

7. ‘You? Who?’

8. ‘Well, this is awkward. We talk a lot in real life and then internet happens and bang a dang baby. You’re just somebody that I used to know.’

9. ‘Whoa. you’re still typing. What are you typing? Do you love me? Are you trying to express your wish to gift me low fat cookies? With milk? Are you giving me a drum set? What is it?’

10. ‘Hello newly-good looking person.’

11. ‘Wow. You’re not really that dense, I see.’

12. ‘Wow. You really are that dense.’

13. ‘Do you realize you used that word in the wrong context? I must point it out. Politely.’

14. ‘What’s with the terse replies?
‘Nm. ‘
‘Ahaan. ‘
There you go- I have seen your message and just so you know, I’M BUSIER.’

15. ‘Did that sound non-‘caffeine high’ enough? Oh boy. Can’t tell. More coffee. Brb.’

16. ‘How do people manage that yellow dot for ‘idle’? Do I ever look idle to anyone?’

17. *stares at screen while friend pours heart out* ‘You little bear. You need a hug. Go huggapillow!’

18. ‘What a waste of time. Everyone does this chatting thing?’

19. ‘I don’t have a boyfriend and no i don’t want to marry you. Really.’

20. ‘Just gonna spend five minutes chatting.’

*ten minutes later*
‘Just gonna spend five minutes chatting.’

5 thoughts on “20 things i think while IMing

  1. haah number 8 just made me lol. Same thing happen between me and a friend, we were close through my ex and we chatted alot and Bammm, one day the doors closed!

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