it was feted, it seems

It was a lazy day. It was the sort of day on which you don’t want too many people around. But I’m glad I decided to visit a fete being organized at a friend’s school.

The sheer number of people scrunched my eyes into squiggles as soon as we entered. There were stalls for everything: food, snacks, fruit punch, games, a ‘request corner’ where you could request the folks to play your songs; like a mela, only smaller.

What made it even cooler is that my friend was attending his school fete after almost seven years and it was endearing to hear of stories from school. His teachers reactions on seeing him were priceless.

My school has never really organized a fete per se, unless you count the whole routine during X-mas where the closest thing to a fete was the SUPW/Work Experience room with artsy-fartsy things on sale.

At my friend’s school, each grade had set up their own stalls with hand-drawn posters coloured and arranged meticulously; clean, polished tables numbered to make rearranging them in classrooms easier and trash cans dotting the landscape.

My friend also bumped into juniors and ex-classmates, so I guess you could call it a mini-alumni meet too.

The many classrooms, the playground, the gardens, they all held fond memories. Good old days, eh?

Honey, do I sound too old when I say that?


5 thoughts on “it was feted, it seems

  1. School gives you education. You take that to the real world & gain experience. Education & experience combined gives you wisdom. So I guess you sound mature when you say that 🙂

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