how about a portfolio on deviantArt?

I recently browsed through a few portfolios on the internet for inspiration. I noticed that the Portfolio section on an artist’s website linked to his deviantArt profile. 

It was only a matter of time before I ended up discovering that dA has a free portfolio section that you can use to display selected work.

1. Hover the cursor over the logo of the website. Tucked away in one corner is the option for creating a portfolio.

2. You are then redirected to a screen which looks something like this; it allows you to customise how your portfolio will look.

3. Here are other options on the same page:

4. The next page is here you fill in information about yourself.


6. You can display select deviations from your deviantArt profile and further organize them into folders.

7. Time to name it! My moniker is Ze Countess pretty much everywhere, so no points for guessing what the link to my portfolio reads.

I’m still working on a lot of drawings and my deviations that have made it to my profile are not necessarily the best – the same goes for my portfolio – nevertheless, I think it is about taking that first step. (:

Feel free to drop in at my deviantArt profile and say hi!


One thought on “how about a portfolio on deviantArt?

  1. Hi Ritika! Circumstances have prevented me from being on WordPress much, lately, but when I looked at my “Reader” today, there you were, right at the top! 😉 Hope to have a look at your portfolio later on. (I like the step-by-step presentation.)

    Don’t know when you changed it, but your new blog theme looks great. Nice layout.

    Take care, ‘Countess’ :).
    Peace, Beth

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