let’s get uncomfortable: closing your eyes won’t make breasts go away

1. I feel mammary fat is a more appropriate name.

2. Some people like it big, others small, yet many not at all.

3. Their sole purpose is to make breast feeding easier (kids need something to hold on to?) Not filling in bigger bra cups, despite what media loves throwing at your face.

4. Small breasts maketh a big hearted person: once you learn to begin accepting the body you have, accepting others as they are is half the battle won. It’s not as rosy as it sounds but gives you a head start on empathy.

5. It is a myth that big breasts cause backache. Unless you’re the adult film star with breast implants that never stop ballooning. She will most certainly die. Backache due to big ones? Depends on your breasts : waist ratio. Oooh, scientific.

6. That said, live with your breasts. If they make you unhappy, then go under the scalpel by all means. But let it be your decision: well thought and motivated by a desire to feel happier about your flesh ‘n’ bones.

7. Breasts are overrated. I typed the word six times and nothing. Maybe because I live with a pair.

8. No seriously. There’s got to be other body parts to obsess with? Like the brain?

9. ‘Booby traps’ implies stupid, so you better stop calling them boobs. Breasts aren’t stupid.

10. Bras remain a necessary evil.

Go home, man. Enough breasts for a day.


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