my English isn’t ornamental; yer lazy!

Lazy to use to a darned dictionary. Them things have moved online and with a few strokes and a click you can know, but NO.

So much work, it is soul crushing.

But just because the majority of written content on the internet happens to be comprised of conversational English (mostly), I refuse to boil my words and ladle them into your throats.

I’ve loved reading and loved even more the thrill of bumping into funny looking words I haven’t heard of; the most common word doesn’t have to be the right word.

But unfortunately, because your school refused to recognize the value inherent in a well rounded school education (or probably because you’re lazy- it is unfortunate either way) you don’t understand some words and you couldn’t care less about looking them up.

Here’s the thing: I refuse to water down the standard of my writing, having accounted for the reader’s age.

Google what a dictionary is and learn to use it, or allow half the information around you to evade you.

Because the most common word doesn’t have to be the right word, no one will go out of their way to part the proverbial sea so that you understand.

All this knowledge up for grabs and you squeal about how ‘flowery’ someone’s writing is?

What a shame, truly, what a shame.
PS. To the lazy reader: emancipate, nostrum, apocryphal, hermeneutic, dog, cat, child.


2 thoughts on “my English isn’t ornamental; yer lazy!

  1. I got the first three, but not the last four. Joking, of course, except about hermeneutic. And it took me three online dictionaries before the Oxford came up with it. The Cambridge didn’t. But I won’t give the answer. Giving the name of dictionary where to find it is more than enough.

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