Ritika Upadhyay likes to write in third person and is, very clearly, quite skilled at writing about herself here and here.
  • She likes to learn new things. (Also likes to learn about how we learn and she recommendsย this talk because boy did it flip things over for her.)
  • She always ends up half-sobbing while watching Naruto Shippuden.
  • She hopes to work with Kishimoto Masashi/Tite Kubo/Eiichiro Oda someday. And maybe dub for a Bleach movie.
  • Anonymity and macabre always leave her much fascinated and food for thought.
  • She has never fractured a bone. Or had chicken pox. So when people share their horror stories of isolation and inactivity, she nods her head in empathy and tells them she has no idea how that would feel like.
  • Her gums are pink with streaks of blue-black. Just pigment. How many people do you know with designer gums?


32 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting intro and nice to meet you. I like your Dad’s words it so true. So as an aspiring engineer and a versatile blogger you are doing very well ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cheers Ritika!

  2. I like how you mentioned you’d like to Dub in a Bleach movie one day :'(, hopefully we’ll see a few more of those lool, anyways nice to know you, especially since your a fan of anime!! We seem to have a few things in common ๐Ÿ™‚

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