my English isn’t ornamental; yer lazy!

Lazy to use to a darned dictionary. Them things have moved online and with a few strokes and a click you can know, but NO.

So much work, it is soul crushing.

But just because the majority of written content on the internet happens to be comprised of conversational English (mostly), I refuse to boil my words and ladle them into your throats.

I’ve loved reading and loved even more the thrill of bumping into funny looking words I haven’t heard of; the most common word doesn’t have to be the right word.

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let’s get uncomfortable: closing your eyes won’t make breasts go away

1. I feel mammary fat is a more appropriate name.

2. Some people like it big, others small, yet many not at all.

3. Their sole purpose is to make breast feeding easier (kids need something to hold on to?) Not filling in bigger bra cups, despite what media loves throwing at your face.

4. Small breasts maketh a big hearted person: once you learn to begin accepting the body you have, accepting others as they are is half the battle won. It’s not as rosy as it sounds but gives you a head start on empathy.

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the internet remains the messiah with the pitchfork

I am dimly aware that by the time I finish writing this writhing, one-eyed toothless thing called a post, I will have to go back to The Tab That Shall Not Be Closed and enter my pseudorandomly-generated password to login for another session.

Two and a half hours into a novel form of bullying… I forgot. Anyway. For one, the reactions it has elicited from my friends is hilariously tragic.

One of my roommates is a recent manga convert. With the noose labelled ‘500 MB daily data limit’, how in hell will she catch up to me in One Piece? We’re talking about roughly 300+ chapters consisting of 25 pages on an average, each highly defined. As she grapples with this new problem, the threat of me unspooling her hopes by revealing the entire story looms large.

A data limit also means I can no longer watch this dog video when I feel shit. (i am amazed my French teacher was unfazed after watching this. A heartless man, indeed.)

Many will have to unwillingly curtail the hours spent on Facebook. No more selfies, no more status updates till you’re home, no more Comment Wars, no more stalking hot boys from other colleges. Is this what life will become for KiiT?

I’m not really complaining. Except I wish I could log in through my phone, because, you guessed it, NO MULTIPLE DEVICES.

Well, my first reaction?

So I pay a mini-fortune for the Wi-Fi only to have a puny data limit imposed on me? GEE THANKS. Continue reading