Current Interests

French: On my way to level A1.

Japanese: Hiragana, dakuten.

Drawing comics: In the process of finding my own style. In my head, there is this one way of making shapes and lines that is uniquely you. I started off from stick figures- WIP.

Design: Jogging my photoshop skills. A brilliant 30 day course on HTML and CSS by tuts+ premium here!

Sewing: Stitching lots of stuff that I can wear.

Next on the list:

Coding: I need to go back to my C++ roots and maybe… pay Python a visit again. It has been long.

Sword fighting: /Niten Ichi-ryu/ Involves wielding two swords; the katana and the wakizashi. Sadly, Bombay is the only place where they seem to have some sort of institution in place.

Chess: Pandolfini is partly the reason why I’m seeing chess in an absolutely new wait-were-you-always-this-awesome-?! light.

Playing the ukulele: Four chords, a lot less complicated compared to the guitar (or maybe I’ve never been patient enough with the latter). Josh Kaufman is to blame.

Drums: First love is always special. 🙂


What do you think?

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